Hughenden Landscape Photography Workshop

8 hour landscape photography workshop in Hughenden in Outback Queensland.

Course will include a landscape photography skills session from an accredited professional photographer, a landscape sunset shoot and an astrophotography shoot. Notes and after workshop support are  included.

There will be 3 main sections of the workshop:

1. An overview of landscape photography basics and techniques, camera modes, settings and focusing. Also a bit of planning for your shoot and some apps that I use etc. I will supply a tip sheet to use when setting up to make sure you cover everything off before and during your shoot.

2. Sunset landscape shoot capturing the awesome light at the end of the day. I will have landscape filter kits available to use as required to enhance your shots. We will then grab a bite to eat (not included) while we wait for the sky to darken totally in preparation for the night session.

3. Astrophotography/night shoot. This will include Milky Way (weather pending), long exposure and light painting for effect and foreground interest.

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