Drone/UAV Workshop



Drone Workshop.

Duration – 3 hours

With the drone industry and sales booming, it’s important that anyone who is new to flying drones understands the rules and regulations and where they can safely fly their drone. My drone introductory workshop covers everything you need to know, which safety apps to use and also includes a practical flying session to get you flying your drone with confidence. I also cover how to capture the best photos and video with your drone. Also included is post workshop support if you have any questions.

Whilst this workshop does not give you any recognised license or training, it will provide a comprehensive and positive educational benefit into flying your drone legally and safely and also where to find further information from the correct sources.

Here’s a summary of what is covered whilst learning from a full time professional photographer who is a CASA licensed Remote Pilot (RePL).

  • Rules and regulations for drone operations and also any registration/licensing requirements for commercial activities.
  • Which safety apps to use and also links to information about flying your drone legally and safely.
  • How to setup and prepare your drone for flight including compass calibration.
  • Practical flying exercises for control orientation and to get you flying confidently.
  • How to capture the best photos and videos with your drone.
  • Return to home function.
  • Battery maintenance.
  • Reference notes for use after the workshop.

*Please note, workshop is for DJI drones only.

Once paid you can book in via the link below. Email me at phil@philcoppphotos.com if you have any questions or issues.



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Drone/UAV Workshop