Novoflex VR-PRO II HD Multi Row Panorama Vr-System Pro II


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  • Suitable lenses: Focal lengths from 10 to 300 mm
  • Adjustment in optical axle: 150 mm
  • Image reproduction: Single and multi-row
  • Panorama Type: Flat, cylindrical, and spherical projection

The VR-System PRO II enables the parallax-free, horizontal and vertical pivoting around the nodal point of the lens. It is designed for multi-row panoramas in perspective-­corrected flat or spherical projection. Due to the lower ­panorama base that can be moved in eight adjustable increments, classic single-row cylinder panoramas can easily be done as well. Comfort, stability and precision are the main features of this professional panoramic head. The Panorama VR-System PRO II is the perfect solution for ­professional photographers dealing with all facets of ­panoramic photography.  The VR-System PRO II masters all varieties from spherical panorama, perspective-corrected flat panoramas or classic cylindrical panoramas, even when heavy professional D-SLR equipment is used.

A patented (pat. pending.) adjustment permits taking photos at 8 different angles with click-stops:
36 click-stop-positions (10°), 24 click-stop positions (15°), 18 click-stop-positions (20°),
15 click-stop-positions (24°), 12 click-stop-positions (30°), 10 click-stop-positions (36°), 8 click-stop-positions (45°)
The horizontal rotation is facilitated by a 2 × 180° engraving in opposite direction.

Weight:                     1460 g (3.20 lbs)
Tripod connection:    1/4” resp. 3/8”
Camera connection: 1/4”


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Novoflex VR-PRO II HD Multi Row Panorama Vr-System Pro II