Silence Corner – Squid Links


  • Turn your camera strap into a quick release
  • Compatible with camera straps up to 20mm wide at the attachment end.
  • Positive magnetic auto-locking mechanism
  • Ultra durable para cord and resin body
  • Secure attachment via the stainless steel locking mechanism
  • Fast one handed operation
  • Mount Squid Links to camera strap lugs or quick release plates
  • Hold up to 20kgs of gear per link

Silence Corner Squid Links are rapid-connect couplers so you can quickly and securely attach gear to a strap. A Squid Link consists of two parts. The receiver mechanism can be attached to a strap as wide as 25.4mm with a second eyelet for straps up to 10mm wide. The second part is a small lanyard attached to a fob that magnetically pairs to the receiver and locks into place. The lanyard can be threaded to any eyelet it can pass through on a camera, binoculars, phone case, or anything you want to keep at hand yet quickly have access to. The release switch opens the channel, but the lanyard will not release until you give it a good tug upwards, so no surprises.

The base is ruggedly made with stainless steel internal parts, and PA66 resin is used throughout. It automatically locks to the lanyard, and combined, they can hold a load up to 44 pounds (20Kg). The lanyard is made of a paratrooper cord. This assures your gear is safe and secure.

  • Positive magnetic auto-locking mechanism.
  • Quickly mount and disconnect.
  • Adaptable to many applications.
  • Ruggedly crafted from PA66 resin, stainless steel, and paratrooper cord.
  • Compact, each Squid Link weighs .7 ounces (20g).


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Silence Corner – Squid Links